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Turf Valley's Green Initiatives

As a family-owned and operated business, it is especially important for the Turf Valley staff and management to strive toward a better, greener Earth for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and generations to come. Not only do we seek to ensure compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, but also to instill an attitude of personal environmental responsibility through our Green Initiatives throughout all possible aspects of our business.


We will

  • Continuously work toward decreasing our environmental impact by such means as the reduction of gas, electric and water usage
  • Offer training and certification programs, as well as awareness campaigns that reach out to all employees
  • Seek out eco-friendly initiatives and be an advocate and industry leader for energy conservation and environmental practices
  • Communicate initiatives, such as property-wide recycling programs, and encourage participation by all employees and guests

Our Green Initiatives include

Staying green

  • Developing company Environmental policy and added to employee handbook
  • Offering Green Natura in-room amenities, which are more environmentally friendly. Bottles are made from post-consumer recycled material, and they are 100% biodegradable
  • Adding recycling receptacles to all guest rooms
  • Eliminating shower caps from guest rooms to reduce waste; shower caps are now available upon request
  • Offering guests a linen and towel reuse option
  • Converting nearly 75% of guest room shower heads to water-saving models
  • Installing water saving faucet aerators in hotel room sinks
  • Closing blackout drapes in unoccupied South and West facing hotel rooms for more efficient temperature control
  • Changing from a full-size van to a more fuel efficient mini-van for guest transportation
  • Converting public space lamps in the hotel lobby to fluorescent
  • Adding public space recycling containers
  • Conserving power in unoccupied long-term stay Villas by turning off water heaters, turning down refrigerators, and keep thermostats at 75 degrees in the summer
  • Adding tinting to the South wing elevator glass (high sun exposure) and on windows to reduce HVAC and electricity usage
  • Changing to LED lighting in main guest elevators that shuts off automatically when elevators are idle
  • Replacing hotel boilers, laundry water heater and holding tank with high-efficiency equipment
  • Obtained additional recycling dumpsters for outside of building
  • Held event for grounds staff to build birdhouses with local Boy Scout Troop 944 to place on Nature Trail for local wildlife in conjunction with our efforts to become an Audubon-certified golf course

Playing & Relaxing green

  • Adding occupancy sensors for lighting in the Fitness Center
  • Replacing Turf Valley Resort Clubhouse boilers with new high-efficiency boilers
  • Discontinuing the use of plastic cups in the Spa in favor of ceramic mugs
  • Implementing policy to turn off indoor pool lights at 9pm, which were previously on 24 hours a day
  • Lowering temperatures in the indoor pool and hot tub at the recommendation of the American Red Cross to save energy
  • Upgrading decorative lighting at the outdoor pool pavilion to LED lights
  • Adding public space recycling containers to the Pro Shop and outdoor pool deck
  • Converting to electric-powered golf carts
  • Providing recycling containers on all golf course beverage carts
  • Adding a paperless invoice option for Turf Valley ResortMembers
  • Minimizing the use of restricted-use pesticides
  • Identifying areas on golf courses and common areas that can be allowed to grow native and require only semi-annual mowing
  • Changing to diesel powered Grounds equipment where possible
  • Converting to large totes for bulk fertilizers, soil amendments and wetting agents, eliminating the use of many smaller containers that cannot be recycled.
  • Creating native plant material and untreated turf grass buffer areas along waterways and wetland areas, creating additional filtering of surface run-off before it enters waterways
  • Reclaiming irrigation and rain water run-off for use in irrigation cycles, minimizing the need for sub-surface water withdrawal

Dining Green

  • Participating in Howard County's Farm to Table Restaurant Weeks
  • Participating in the From the Bay, For the Bay Dine Out program, supporting our local watermen and benefiting the Oyster Recovery Partnership
  • Serving filtered water in Alexandra's Restaurant
  • Discontinuing the use of Styrofoam food and beverage containers and utilizing reusable containers as often as possible
  • Implementing a solid food waste composting program in Alexandra's Restaurant and our Banquet Department
  • Recycling fryer grease, which is converted to bio-diesel fuel
  • Using a dishwasher in the Members' Grill that recycles water
  • Utilizing recycled materials in the renovation of Alexandra's Restaurant and Fairway Lounge

Meeting & Celebrating green

  • Choosing energy efficient and environmentally sound replacement equipment
  • Converting to paperless invoicing for contracted groups
  • Installing hand dryers in public restrooms that use 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers and reduce paper usage
  • Adding occupancy sensors for lighting in select public restrooms
  • Converting to linenless tables in the Conference Center, resulting in less laundry, energy consumption, and chemical usage
  • Changing lighting in the upper Conference Center, lower Conference corridor, and Terrace to LED
  • Converting lighting in our Grand and Cameo Ballrooms to dimmable fluorescent lighting

We're getting greener!

  • Discontinuing the use of oil-based paint and using latex paint whenever possible
  • Utilizing post-consumer recycled content paper for print materials
  • Implementing sleep-mode on all office equipment when not in use
  • Recycling printer and copier toner cartridges
  • Adding a filtered water container to the Sales office to reduce bottled water usage
  • Working with vendors to eliminate unnecessary packaging, and minimize Styrofoam and wax-coated packing materials whenever possible
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