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                                                         Enhance your experience with us

                                                                                                              Customize your treatment to your needs with our spa enhancements!

Aromatherapy $5

Lavender, Citrus, Eucalyptus Mint

Dry Brushing $25

Additional 15 minutes // includes take home brush

Hot Stones $15

Add warmth with six placement stones

Treat your feet $20

Exfoliate and soften feet

Hand Renew $20

Hydrate with hand mask

BioFreeze Application $5

Hot/Cold Therapy for tight muscles

Prossage Heat Therapy $5

Warming oil for sore muscles

CBD Oil - Full Body $25

Deep relaxation, pain relief

CBD Balm $15

Localized pain relief

Deep tissue $15

Releases chronic muscle tension

Signature Massage $10

Hot towels, aromatherapy and hot packs

Back Scrub $15

Gently exfoliates dry skin