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Green Initiatives Hotel

By: Turf Valley Resort / 14 Apr 2016
As part of Turf Valley's commitment to helping the environment, Turf Valley has taken many steps to ensure our hotel rooms and guests are conserving energy, and we are even the first hotel in Howard County to be listed in Maryland Green Travel! Some changes we've completed include:

Hotel Rooms

  • Converted 126 rooms to "green showerheads" thus far
  • Linen/towel reuse options for guests
  • Added "Please recycle" labels to one trash can in each hotel room to give our guests a chance to recycle in the rooms
  • Eliminated shower caps in every guest room. They are available at the front desk upon request
  • Installed new water-saving faucet aerators in hotel room sinks
  • Converted in-room amenities to Green Natura line, which are more environmentally friendly. The bottles are made from post-consumer recycled material, and are 100% biodegradable.
Turf Valley Green Initiatives - Hotel Rooms


  • LED lights installed at Gazebo and Pavilion, as well as motion sensors added to Fitness Center to control lights
  • Public space lamps in the hotel lobby converted to fluorescent bulbs
  • Tinting added to the South Wing elevator glass and on windows in the area that connect the third floors of the hotel to reduce heat and to save on HVAC/electricity
  • Replaced hotel boilers with new high efficiency boilers, reducing carbon emissions
  • Laundry water heater and holding tanks replaced with high efficiency equipment
  • Covered South and West facing windows in the summer in hotel rooms
Turf Valley Green Initiatives - Electricity

Indoor/Outdoor Pools

  • Lowered temperature in the indoor pools and hot tub at the recommendation of the American Red Cross to save energy.
  • Developed policy of turning off indoor pool lights at 9pm – previously ran 24/7
  • Added a Recycle-Only container to the outdoor pool deck
Turf Valley Green Initiatives - Indoor/Outdoor Pools

Public Restrooms

  • Converted to Dyson air blade hand dryers in public rest rooms
  • Added motion sensors to Waterford Ballroom rest rooms


  • Two guest elevators have been equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting that shuts off automatically when car is idle
Turf Valley remains committed to being an eco-friendly property. To stay up-to-date on what we're doing, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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