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My Children Have No Idea What I Do At Work

By: Turf Valley Resort / 03 May 2023

Parents if you clicked on this blog simply for the title, it's because we are working parent soul mates, and without reading this blog, you already get it.

My inspiration for this article was sparked from our property hosting "Bring Your Kids to Work Day". It's a great program that Turf Valley participates in every couple of years that gives the children of our associates a fun window into the world of Hospitality.

Nationally recognized each year in April, Bring Your Child to Work has grown in popularity since it first started in the early 1990's. This year, Turf Valley hosted 20 children and provided a full day of activities designed to provide the children with an overview of the various roles in Hospitality. Each child had the opportunity to explore multiple departments and perform different tasks in each including Hotel Operations, Banquets, Golf, Maintenance, the Restaurant and Spa.

In preparing my teenagers for this experience of going to work with me, I laid out the day they were going to have.  As most conversations go with teens, their attention span was quick, and the topic changed even quicker.  In a flash the questions about "What do you even do there" started and immediately went to "Then why are you so tired when you get home".  It can be amazing how in just a few short minutes you can present a seemingly amazing experience to your kids and somehow they quickly lose interest.

What is a parent to do, and why do we desire to have the respect of our children when it comes to our jobs?  I mean honestly, we pay for their extracurricular activities, their smart phones, streaming channels galore for their respite after a grueling day at school.  Isn't this enough to just get a little respect for what it takes to bring them all that joy each day?

Well parents, there is no fix other than time.  That's right, you must go to work each day being the superhero you are to your teams (who see what you do each day and appreciate the heck out of you for it!) and go home to children who have little interest in what you did all day. 

That is until they grow up, have careers and children of their own, and find the title of this blog because they too finally "Get It"!


Written by:

Tracy Kreiter, Director of Sales at Turf Valley Resort

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