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Simplify Your Hybrid Meeting with the Latest Technology

By: Turf Valley Resort / 25 May 2021

As restrictions are lifted, meeting and conferences will begin to take place in-person, though most often on a smaller scale. Offering a hybrid meeting solution is one way meeting planners can incorporate a larger audience.


In a hybrid meeting scenario, a portion of the audience is onsite, while the remainder is on a virtual meeting platform. Hybrid events are valuable for people who are unable to attend due to health concerns, travel restrictions, limited budgets, or venue capacity limitations.


Turf Valley Resort recently invested in new technology to simplify the hybrid meeting experience. The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker combined into one device. Outside of high-speed Internet, there is no additional equipment needed to utilize The Owl. Everything is built into the device including the camera and speakers. It is a plug and play option that easily connects to any device with a USB port.  Once connected, The Owl instantly recognizes the online meeting platform and integrates automatically.


The Owl utilizes 360° technology to capture a view of the entire meeting room. This creates the experience of being in-person for the virtual user and allows the onsite meeting participants to seamlessly interact with the virtual audience.


The Owl works through sound and movement and will zoom in and focus on the prominent speaker. It will automatically move to the next individual who leads the conversation. The Owl is recommended for small to medium sized groups. It is suggested to be placed in the center of the room so the 360° technology can capture the entirety of the space and attendees.



  • This product connects to your device through the USB port, and is compatible with both MAC and PC computers.
  • The Owl plugs into any Internet-Enabled Device and is a replacement of your own camera.
  • The meeting host can coordinate the meeting through a variety of platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Go-To Meeting or any other meeting technology.
  • This device has a built-in speaker system and will play anything you have programmed to play from the host computer.
  • The meeting organizer can reassign a host within the virtual meeting, and this device will play the sound from that organizer.


The goal of any meeting planner to create an ideal meeting environment in which the entire audience, virtual and in-person is engaged and interactive. Though we can never fully replace face to face communication, The Owl provides an opportunity for virtual and in-person attendees to easily converse and feel connected with each other.


View our informational video on the Owl Meeting Pro, now available at Turf Valley Resort.



 About Turf Valley Resort:

Turf Valley Resort is a full-service conference and events venue with more than 40,000 square feet of meeting space. Located in Howard County, Maryland, we are easily accessible from Columbia, Baltimore and surrounding areas. 


Turf Valley Resort offers 25 flexible venues with full-service catering and our hotel features 172 rooms overlooking our championship golf courses. For more information about Turf Valley Resort, please call 410.465.1200 or email

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