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The Art of the Hotel Sales Blitz

By: Turf Valley Resort / 09 Jun 2022

The Turf Valley Resort sales department recently wrapped up an annual sales blitz. Ultimately it was a success and arguably the most impactful blitz I've taken part in during the six years I've been with the company. The concept looked very different this year, surely a reflection of continued recovery efforts from COVID-19, combined with the current climate and state of the hotel industry. The term "sales blitz" has consumed my thoughts over the last few months, so I thought it made for an interesting topic of discussion. What is a sales blitz? What is the purpose of a sales blitz? What preparation is needed to plan and execute a successful sales blitz?

Let's start out with Sales Blitz 101: A sales blitz is a concentrated effort by a company to focus its entire sales force on a specific task in one region or territory. Blitzes are designed to generate new sources of business by identifying, qualifying and engaging potential new customers. Sales Blitzes are also a great touchpoint to demonstrate appreciation to current or past customers.

I'm curious to know if any other businesses still utilize blitzes as part of their greater sales and marketing plans? Are blitzes considered an old-school method at this point? Are sales blitzes perceived as having little relevancy or ROI, yet still accepted as a necessary evil in the sales industry, hotel sales in particular?

I'm of the mindset that if done correctly, sales blitzes can bring significant value to a company's comprehensive sales efforts. I'd add that in situations where a sales department has lost its mojo, a well-planned blitz could breathe new life, invigorating the team with enthusiasm and cohesiveness. 

For Turf Valley's recent blitz, we decided on an eco-friendly focus. Marketing materials and collateral were printed on plantable seed paper; our giveaways and logo items were all sustainable and reusable; a potted succulent accompanied each gift bag; and we highlighted the many "green" and environmentally friendly services and amenities Turf Valley Resort offers. We divided into teams of two, each team focusing on a different county throughout the state of Maryland. The goal was for each team to have at least eight quality appointments – and given the fact that so many meeting planners, admins, and companies in general were ecstatic to hear from us and eager to meet in person, we easily surpassed the goal and were met with excitement and appreciation!


Blitz Your Way to Success With These Steps:

- Brainstorm:   Meet as a department to come up with a theme; break into small teams; decide on a territory or region; share ideas for marketing materials, giveaways, a call to action, contest or special offer for each of your appointments; select a date or timeframe.

- Prep for Success:   Create a spreadsheet to track progress of scheduling appointments and who each team is calling on. Utilize your CRM, industry tools and reports and Google Maps to come up with a game plan. Create scripting for communication and call to set up appointments.​​​

- Prepare:   Gather printed materials and collateral along with giveaways. Be sure to include business cards, call to action, and anything else you'd like to take to each appointment.

- Track Results:   Create a template for tracking notes from each appointment. Information compiled from each appointment can be shared among the team; given to ownership; used to determine return on investment, and to develop a cadence for each account moving forward.

- Most Importantly:  Have fun! Get out of your comfort zone! Take pictures of landmarks or local flavor and incorporate your social media platforms over the course of the blitz!


Whether you are looking to kick-start your sales efforts, generate pipeline, or promote a new product or service – consider a sales blitz and let me know how it went! I'd love to get your thoughts and feedback on your experiences and current views of the sales strategy. Happy selling!



Written by:

Betsy Collings, Corporate Account Executive at Turf Valley Resort

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