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Wedding Spotlight: Kerrie & Tyler

By: Turf Valley Resort / 08 Dec 2021


Time of Year:          Fall – September 2021

Ceremony:             The Garden  

Reception:              The Cameo 

Wedding Song:      "Biblical" by Calum Scott

Floral Design:        Tierra Events

Photography:         Holly Croft Photography

Music:                     Jeremy Osbourne (DJ Ozzie)

  Favors:                    Candles (so that our guests can "Keep the Love Burning")

Check out their amazing wedding video, click here



What made you choose Turf Valley Resort as your venue?

Tyler and I got engaged in December of 2018 and started looking for venues right away. We had done a lot of research online and Turf Valley was the first venue we felt confident in doing a walk through. Within 10 minutes of walking around Turf Valley, seeing the outdoor ceremony space, and listening to Jaime, we knew that was where we wanted to get married. This was the first venue we had looked at and we signed a contract that day. Turf Valley had everything we were looking for, a beautiful outdoor ceremony space with weeping willows, a large ballroom with a patio to hold a reception, and all our guests could stay the night at the hotel. There was a restaurant for our rehearsal dinner, catering for our wedding, pool, golfing for Tyler and his groomsmen (this was huge for Tyler, he is a major golfer!). Turf Valley has it all, and it is all top of the line.



What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Having our ceremony in the weeping willow trees in the pouring rain. We had considered moving our ceremony inside, but Tyler and I had our hearts set getting married with the willows in the background, so we married in the rain! We had been engaged for almost 3 years, so nothing was going to stop us from being happy and doing exactly what we wanted for our day. The rain only brought more joy to our hearts and larger smiles on our faces. Tyler said to me before walking in the rain, "If we can wait to get married almost three years through a global pandemic, we can get married in the rain. What is a little rain if you compare it to the larger scheme of things?"




Did you have any wedding must-haves that had to be part of your special day?

Tyler and I both hold our family members near and dear to our hearts so making sure we included them in every process of the day and enough photos were taken with our family members was a must. Other than that, we had been imagining this day and planning it for almost three years so by the time of the actual day, we were just happy it was happening! Whatever was meant to be will be, and it turned out as everything we could have dreamed of and more.   



Did anything change with the wedding/reception because of the pandemic?

Our original wedding date was June 13th, 2020. When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, we changed our date to October of 2020 and changed it again to September 5, 2021. Turf Valley and Jaime were nothing but supportive, organized, and easy to work with regardless of the changes!

As we went through many months of planning and anticipating our wedding, our emotions towards the big day did not change in the slightest. There were some stressful times, but Tyler and I are high school sweethearts, and have watched each other grow through life. We have been through the happiest moments in our lives together and have also stuck by each other's side during the most challenging experiences. Our wedding day was pure excitement to celebrate us as a couple! When the day came, we were just happy that we were married in the eyes of the Lord and that our friends and family could be there to share the love and celebrate together.  



Congratulations to Kerrie & Tyler!

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