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Limited Edition Treatments at turfvalley hotel at Ellicott USA
Limited Edition Treatments at turfvalley hotel at Ellicott USA
Limited Edition Treatments

Winter Spa Specials

Take advantage of our spa specials available throughout January, February and March. 

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Fire & Ice Massage

De-stress and unwind with this deeply relaxing treatment as your senses are heightened with hot and cold therapy. Heated basalt lava stones are placed over specific points along the spine, over chakra points, and tucked alongside your body to keep you warm and comforted throughout the treatment. Warm oils will be used during your Swedish massage to relieve body tensions followed by a cooling peppermint cream massaged onto your hands and feet. Sinus and facial tension will be relieved with a cooling eye mask during the treatment. 

*This is not a full body hot stone massage. 

$130 Per Person | 60 minutes

Body Treatment

Sweet Rose Hip Body Treatment

Your treatment will start with a gentle dry brushing body exfoliation and then you will be enveloped in hydrating coconut and rose hip oils that help moisturize and brighten your skin. The treatment finishes with sweet hydrating rose hip infused body butter. 

*Does not include Vichy shower

$120 per person, 60 minutes

Body Treatment

Chocolate Strawberry Body Treatment

Your skin will be exfoliated by a delectable strawberry sugar scrub and then enveloped in an organic chocolate treatment wrap, as we allow you to experience the heavenly aroma of total chocolate bliss. This rich treatment will leave your body moisturized and full of antioxidants. This treatment includes a Vichy shower. 

$125 per person, 60 minutes 



Eminence Pure Forest Facial

Experience the restorative powers of Snow Mushroom, Birch Water, and Reishi Mushroom in this natural wellness retreat for your skin. Eminence's Pure Forest Facial Collection will hydrate, replenish, and detoxify your skin to provide essential protection again winter's harsh elements. 

$125 per person, 60 minutes