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Massage Therapy at Turf Valley hotel
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapies

Relaxing Massage Therapies

Discover a range of relaxing massage therapies at The Spa. Each combination focuses on different healing approaches. With gentle or firm pressure on the muscles and joints, our expert massage therapists will ease your pain, leaving you rejuvenated.

Relax, breathe deeply and experience the benefits of our custom massage therapy. Benefits include alleviating pain and muscle tension, reducing stress, stimulation of the immune and circulatory systems, and, most importantly, relaxation.

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Massage Therapy

Custom Massage

This personalized experience provides the relaxation and renewal you need as our expert massage therapists use a variety of pressures, stretches, and other modalities tailored to your personal needs. Our most popular and requested massage therapy is best for those searching for a combination of pressure and techniques that make this treatment uniquely yours. 

60 minutes | $120
75 minutes | $150
90 minutes | $180

Swedish Massage

The main focus of this massage is relaxation. The Swedish Massage involves long fluid strokes of muscle and tissue with pressure that varies from light to medium. 

60 minutes | $110
75 minutes | $135
90 minutes | $160

Couple's Swedish Massage

Our 75-minute Swedish massage done side by side in our private couple's suite. 

75 minutes | $260

Deep Tissue Massage

An area-specific deep tissue massage designed to focus on areas of persistent discomfort resulting from stress and overuse. We recommend this massage after a strenuous game of golf, or an intense workout.

60 minutes | $130
75 minutes | $160
90 minutes | $190

Warm River Rock Massage

Penetrating heat from smooth, oiled, and warmed basalt stones is used with light to medium pressure to relieve tense muscles and sore joints. This ancient style of therapy creates calming and healing responses for the body and soul.

60 minutes | $130
75 minutes | $155

Couple's Warm River Rock Massage

Our Warm river Rock Massage done side-by-side in our private couple's suite. 

75 minutes | $300

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

A unique therapeutic massage that offers salt healing benefits, including a deep sense of relaxation, improved sleep and exfoliated skin. Reduces anxiety, stress, inflammation and even illness.

75 minutes | $165

Mother-To-Be Massage

We designed this massage with special support and care specifically for the mom-to-be. This massage relieves discomfort and reduces fluid retention.

*Please note we do not perform massages in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

60 minutes | $115


Using an ancient Chinese art of relaxation, this treatment involves the application of pressure to specific reflex points located in the feet that correspond to glands, organs, and systems of the body. The result is improved circulation and restored body balance.

30 minutes | $75

Teen Swedish Massage (Ages 16-18)

For teens only with parental consent.
This Swedish Massage therapy is specifically designed for teenagers to ease sore or tense muscles and unwind from stress.

45 minutes | $80

Express Massage

Available Monday through Thursday only.

This treatment targets specific areas of tension to release stress in your neck, shoulders, and back.

30 minutes | $60

Cannabliss Massage

Enjoy a healing massage meant to reduce body pain, tension and inflammation while simultaneously soothing the mind. This treatment utilizes CBD infused oil that is massaged into your skin along with CBD pain cream on localized areas that need relief. After your massage, relax with a cup of our Green Passion Hemp infused tea. Continue the experience at home with a CBD oil roller ball as a take home gift.

Swedish 60 minutes - $140 | Custom 60 minutes - $150 | Deep 60 minutes - $160

Massage Enhancements


Lavender, Citrus, or Eucalyptus Mint


Hot Stones

Add warmth with six placement stones


Treat Your Feet

Exfoliate and soften feet


Hand Renewal

Hydrate with hand mask


BioFreeze Application

Hot/cold therapy for tight muscles


CBD Oil - Full Body

Deep relaxation and pain relief


CBD Balm

Localized pain relief


Signature Massage

Hot towels, aromatherapy and hot packs


Combo Massage

Combination of Deep & Swedish


Deep Tissue*

Releases chronic muscle tension


Back Scrub

Gently exfoliates dry skin


Dry Brushing

15 minutes additional & take-home brush, excludes 90-minute services


*starting at