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8 Tips to Grow Your Association, Club, or Non-Profit Memberships

By: Turf Valley Resort / 11 May 2022

I recently heard from a client that the only reason their board was hesitant to commit to a 2023 program was because their attendance has been decreasing. He explained that over the years the average age of the group has increased and after having a successful Zoom conference last year, they are going to hold off for now.

People have been isolated over the last couple of years. People have changed jobs. People have completely changed their careers. Their interests, priorities, and thinking has changed. Anyway, it got me thinking. Thus, I present you with some tips to increase membership.


1. Understand your mission, vision, goals, and objectives. 

This is the why. Why does the association or non-profit even exist? What is the purpose? Make sure everything you do aligns with your values. 


2. Host networking events.

Try starting out with a casual event that is open to new members. This will encourage those who are on the fence to take the chance, since there is no real obligation to commit to at that moment. 


3. Ask for feedback.

You will stand out to your members as they will feel more valued if you ask for their opinions on what they would like to see and what can be changed.


4. Add a job board to your website. 

For those who are searching for a new job, they will spend more time on your website instead of a third-party website.


5. Host a free lunch event with a speaker.

People are more inclined to try out something new if it is free! If the initial impression of your organization seems beneficial to them, there is a greater chance of them deciding to join.


6. Create and distribute merchandise.

Who doesn't love free swag! When members wear your logo, they are a walking billboard. This is the best free advertising.


7. Increase your social media interactions. 

Get your members excited about coming to events and sharing your content on their own pages. Post meaningful content to be a valuable resource. Be authentic and personable; consistency is key.


8. Host a "bring a friend" event. 

Your members are all connected with other people in and out of the industry. Everyone has some type of network. Just think how much of an impact you could make if all 50 attendees brought just 1 person to event – that's a 200% increase!


Now more than ever is a critical time to get your members to engage, reconnect with fellow industry members, and meet new people!



Written by: Jen Wingate, Turf Valley Resort Sales Department

If you are interested in learning more about Turf Valley Resort, contact us at or learn more here​​​​​​​


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