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Bleisure Travel: Where Business Meets Pleasure

By: Turf Valley Resort / 14 Apr 2021

By: Betsy Collings, Corporate Account Executive at Turf Valley Resort


Bleisure is the practice of extending business travel for leisure purposes, also referred to as a "bizcation". Regardless of what you call it, the concept has advantages for the employee, the company they work for, and the travel and tourism industry.


Prior to COVID-19, Americans made more than 405 million long-distance business trips every year, with 60% of those (or 243 million) turning into bleisure trips. While there once was a stigma attached, bleisure travel enthusiasts are now filling managerial and director roles in the workplace and encouraging employees to take advantage of one of the biggest perks of business travel.


Top reasons business turns to bleisure:

  • Vast entertainment and activities within the city
  • Bucket list or "must visit" location
  • The city is easy to navigate
  • The number of nights a person could stay


Travelers want to take advantage of things like local attractions, cultural and sporting events, dining, festivals and concerts, beaches, exploration, and overall relaxation. Because the boundaries of our professional and personal lives have become increasingly blurred over the last decade, adding free time to an existing business trip can reduce stress and boost morale. It can also result in better work efficiencies and decreased job turnover. These factors lead to companies with more associates willing to travel for business. I would call that a win/win! 


As travel restrictions continue to be lifted across the globe, now might be a perfect time to lay down plans for your first (or next) bleisure trip. Just remember to consider these important factors during the planning stage.


Checklist for Planning Bleisure Travel:


  • Have you given your boss and teammates a heads up that you are adding personal time to your business trip?
  • Are there any weekends and public holidays close to your travel date?
  • Can you utilize a few paid holidays to extend your stay?
  • Are there any places around your business destination that you want to visit?
  • What are the longest business trips on your schedule?
  • Can you bring your partner, and do you have friends living in one of the upcoming business destinations?
  • What are the main sights to visit and cultural activities to do in your destination?
  • How much of your savings on flight costs do you want to add to your travel budget?
  • Do you need to check your bags?
  • Seek professional help. No, not that kind! If you have access to a travel agent or professional, take advantage! Agents can arrange travel plans and create a customized itinerary to suit your needs and preferences.


The local benefits of bleisure travel are undeniable. When a business trip is extended and shifts focus to leisure activities, more money is spent on lodging, attractions, shopping, and dining, with more tax revenue being pumped into the local economy. The majority of bleisure travelers stay at the same location for both the business and leisure portions of their trip. This presents an opportunity for a hotel to provide memorable experiences, personalize interactions and encourage brand and customer loyalty.


Written by:

Betsy Collings, Corporate Account Executive at Turf Valley Resort

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