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Let Me Think About It

By: Turf Valley Resort / 29 Sep 2022

Creative thinking is essential in the planning process, in business, in success and in life!  

If you are like me, you find yourself in the planning phase for 2023 while being wrapped up in the close out of a year you can only hope to be described as an "epic come back".

It's been a journey, hasn't it?  We start with a continuing pandemic, throw in a down economy, spice it up with labor challenges and for good measure a pinch of burn out.  It's not the recipe for creative thinking that grandma used to make!

And creative thinking is essential in the planning process, in business, in success; let's be honest, in life!  And sure, there may be some of you gifted and talented folks who come to creative thinking easily.  There may have been a time where even I felt there was no other way to think but to do it with flare. Throw in a life altering global mess and here I am dusting off the old brain cells.  It is true, if you don't use it, you lose it.  And creative thinking is what makes us unicorns, right?  Who can think like you, if not you?

But in the past two years the warrior of logistics has taken over the reins.  She is a totally kick butt kind of gal, and I am happy to have her around.  But she's not much for stoking fires; she's all action not a lot of thought. 

If you are hoping for 5 tips on how to get started in creative thinking, you aren't getting that here.  I believe Nike coined a phrase that answers that beautifully...Just Do It! 

Not to worry, I am here for inspiration.  And so we begin:

  • Much like the feeling when you are finished cleaning the dishes, finding a quiet moment to think and write down ideas can be equally fulfilling.
  • Inspiration strikes at any time; and your phone is never to far away.  So, start taking notes on those ideas.  You'll be surprised how quickly you will forget them, but how excited you will be about them when you return to them.
  • Let us not forget the Warrior of Logistics.  Creative thought and ideas are wonderful to have but amazing when put into action.  Give the gal something to do, you'll thank yourself later.
  • Create like you have never had a bad thought in that beautiful brain of yours.  You'll find out some ideas aren't great.  But get those ones out of the way to get to the good stuff; the good stuff is always way in the back when you first get started.
  • Be authentic.  Never audit your creative thoughts.  Do not consider public consumption of your ideas for a moment while you are being creative.  Editing yourself is like running a marathon after eating pizza; you think it is great at first, but it slows you down.

We have nothing but possibility ahead.  The journey is upon us; and I believe in you!


Written by:

Tracy Kreiter, Director of Sales at Turf Valley Resort

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