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Meet Turf Valley's Executive Banquet Chef

By: Turf Valley Resort / 27 Jul 2022

The Executive Banquet Chef plays a pivotal role in planning and executing all catered events at Turf Valley Resort, from weddings to conferences to special events and meetings. During the busiest times of the year, typically March to October, the catering department serves up to 10,000 people per month. 

Our Executive Banquet Chef, Carl Zimmerman, has served in several roles at Turf Valley Resort. He started as a banquet server in high school, became a line cook in Alexandra's and later accepted the role of Executive Banquet Chef in 2020. 

Chef Carl attended culinary school with no intention of becoming a traditional chef. He was fascinated with culinary science, however his love of food and creative mind ultimately led him to working as a full-time chef, growing his skills and doing what he loves. 


Who inspired you to be a Chef?  Instead of watching Sesame Street, I watched Julia Child as a 5-year old with my Mom.


What kind of chef are you?  A nice one! Not the one yelling and throwing knives across the kitchen!


Name one kitchen tool you can't live without? Chef's Knife. Your knife is your life.


Does Turf Valley accommodate dietary accommodations?  Yes! We are happy to customize any menu for our guests. 


What is your most embarrassing kitchen story?  When I was 22 in culinary school at an internship, I was making icing and I didn't realize the mixer was on high speed when I turned it on. Powdered sugar went everywhere!


What is your signature dish?  Chicken Fried Rice


What is your favorite cooking method?  Frying


Name a chef who you would recommend following on social media?  Ming Tsai


What is your personal cooking style?  Southern American with Latin Infusion


Do you cook at home?  Yes, but it's not what you would expect. It is very basic with 5 ingredients or less!


What is your cooking philosophy?  Less is more. You can put sugar, salt, and lemon juice in almost anything to make it taste better.


Do you have a kitchen motto?  Clean as you go!


Are you a foodie?  Yes! I can appreciate other's creativity and inspiration. 


What are you most excited about right now? Events coming back in full force. Actually cooking for guests in person. Virtual cooking demos are not the same.


If you could give one cooking tip what would it be? Don't cook on high heat. Patience is key.


What advice would you give to someone interested in pursing a culinary career? It is long hours, but do something you are passionate about and it makes it all worthwhile. 


We hope to see you at a Turf Valley event and experience Chef Carl's creative take on a variety of menu items. 


About Turf Valley Resort:

Turf Valley Resort is a full-service conference and events venue with more than 40,000 square feet of meeting space. Located in Howard County, Maryland, we are easily accessible from Columbia, Baltimore, and surrounding areas.

Turf Valley Resort offers 25 flexible venues with full-service catering and our hotel features 172 rooms overlooking our championship golf courses. For more information about Turf Valley Resort, please call 410.465.1200 or email


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