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Top Travel Hacks

By: Turf Valley Resort / 30 Sep 2021

By: Betsy Collings, Corporate Account Executive at Turf Valley Resort


If you are anything like me and procrastinate packing for a trip until the eleventh hour, lean into what I'm about to share. I've scoured the Internet to find top travel and packing hacks in an effort to make your life (and mine!) a lot easier the next time you travel for business or pleasure!


I'm the type to put off laundry and packing until I literally have no time left to spare. This rushed method inevitably leads to over or under packing, and a ton of undue stress. Upon arrival to my destination, I question the random items that made it into my suitcase and quickly scramble to find the nearest drugstore or mega mart to replenish what was left at home. What's more, I'll sacrifice price for convenience in most things travel-related, whether it has to do with transportation, activities or the actual destination.


Travel Hacks:


1. Avoid long airport security lines by investing in TSA Pre-Check, Clear, or Global Entry (better for international travel). Info:


2. Google is your friend…utilize it often:

  • Google Docs: Create a packing checklist; track and share your travel itinerary; keep a running list of recommendations for each place you are visiting.
  • Google Maps Trip Planner: Plan your trip and build your travel itinerary. Bonus Hack: Be sure to download Google Maps for use offline on mobile, for those times you don't have an internet connection.
  • Google Translate: Download ahead of time to help with any language barriers. This is a free service that instantly translates words, phrases and even webpages from English to over 100 other languages!


3. Turn on ‘Private Browsing' to find cheaper flights online.

4. Passport security and back-up: Email yourself a scanned copy of your passport. You can also keep a photocopy of your passport in your wallet. 


5. If a swanky boutique hotel isn't in your budget right now, don't miss out on the experience altogether! Grab a drink at the lobby bar or nosh on an app or dessert in the hotel's restaurant.


6. No Roaming. Apps like Wi-Fi Map or Foursquare show you the passwords to different Wi-Fi networks all over the world. Pro Tip: At the airport, locate a First-Class Lounge, find a seat nearby, connect and browse away!


Packing Tips:


 1. Download the PackPoint app to create a custom packing list based on your gender, destination, dates and type of travel, and length of stay. PackPoint will even check the weather forecast and recommend items to pack based on the itinerary you have planned! Say what!?


2. Stop. Drop & Roll: To maximize space in your suitcase, roll clothes instead of folding them.


3. To prevent stains, pack your clothes inside out. Avoid wrinkles by packing your clothes in a dry cleaning bag.


4. Plastic is Fantastic! Bubble Wrap fragile items. Cover the bottom of your shoes with a shower cap to keep clothes clean. Ziploc bags are handy for wet swimsuits, to protect jewelry and electronics, and to stow dirty laundry until you get home. Cover bottle openings with plastic wrap to prevent spills.


5. Keep an extra change of clothes and any valuable items like jewelry in your carry-on. Level up by also packing spare underwear, a toothbrush and travel toothpaste, and any make-up or beauty essentials you deem absolutely necessary.


6. Downsize your make-up. Contact lens cases are the perfect size to hold moisturizer, foundation, and sunblock. Buy travel sizes or pack sample products for everything else.


7. Take advantage of empty space by stashing smaller items like electronics, cords, or make-up in your shoes! Breakables like perfume bottles can be tucked inside your socks.


8 . Heaviest items should be packed closest to the wheels on the bottom of your luggage. Pro Tip: Pack last what you will need first.


9. Finally, think ahead by packing an extra bag that can be used for shorter, day trips. The extra bag will also come in handy for any souvenirs you've collected along the way.


It's amazing what a little planning and prep can do! I hope you enjoyed these hacks and can incorporate them on your next trip! 



Written by:

Betsy Collings, Corporate Account Executive at Turf Valley Resort

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