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Update on Golf Course Renovations

Turf Valley Resort's Original Golf Course Renovation is moving forward with a great deal of progress happening each week. Some of the most important pieces of the renovation have been completed with more to come over the new few months. The project continues to remain on schedule with a re-opening date of June 2021.

What Holes on the Original Golf Course have significantly changed?

Holes 8, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18 have all been realigned and enlarged to various degrees. A new Senior Tee has been added to Hole 15.

What aspects of renovation will be most beneficial to golfers?

The most beneficial changes will be improved sightlines through elevation changes, bunker reconstruction and more playability area. The beautification of the golf course including new cart paths, landscaping and reconfiguration of tees and bunkers will add to the overall aesthetics.

What positive environmental impacts have been made during the renovation?

As a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" we continue to focus on environmental efforts including reducing water consumption with new irrigation and drainage systems. The habitat and surrounding areas will be refreshed with the removal of dead trees and planting of new shrubs, trees and native grasses.


Subsurface Drainage: COMPLETED

The XGD System™ was installed in the fairways to remove surface water, control moisture levels and improve overall turf growth.



Each tee box on the back nine has been re-constructed and newly seeded. Some have been moved to create an inline perspective of the complex, and some have been elevated or lowered. There will be minimal change to the existing yardage.


Sand Bunker Reconstruction - IN PROGRESS

Bunker reconstruction, using the Better Billy Bunker drainage system, has begun on the back nine. This will have the biggest impact on visibility and result in a consistent standard from bunker to bunker. The drainage system will also alleviate washouts encountered with thunderstorms.


Cart Path replacement & relocation

Portions of the cart paths will be relocated and replaced for a more consistent appearance and a smoother ride.


Greens Renovations - IN PROGRESS

The greens will be renovated through a re-grassing of the surfaces, as well as adjustments along the perimeters to address some of the severe slopes and valleys that create difficulty for play, as well as increase cupping space.


Infrastructure Work - IN PROGRESS

Additional projects include improving/adding drainage, addressing the needs of stream crossings and pond management.